Haunted Eve's Halloween Yard Haunt

Welcome to the Haunted Eve Halloween Yard Haunt

Halloween has always been our favorite holiday. Initially we started out by decorating our yard with just a single pumpkin carved into a jack-o'-lantern. The next year we expanded our decorating with a few strands of Halloween lights and carved several jack-o'-lanterns. Eventually our Halloween decorating grew into what is known as "yard haunting".

About Our Halloween Yard Haunt And Jack-O'-Lantern Display

Our yard haunt display only appears on Halloween night, All Hallow's Eve, which is why we call it the "Haunted Eve Yard Haunt". The Halloween yard haunt display is composed of Halloween decorations, props, fog machines, special lighting effects, and plenty of pumpkins carved into glowing jack-o'-lanterns. Each year we try to do a different Halloween yard haunt theme to keep it fun and interesting.

Halloween Yard Haunt And Jack-O'Lantern Pictures

Below are links to pictures from our Halloween yard haunts from current and previous years and our blog which has updates about our haunt, props, pumpkin carving, and even more Halloween pictures and articles. We hope our Halloween website provides inspiration for your Halloween decorating and yard haunt.

2018 Scarecrows
2017 Vampires Vs Werewolves
2016 Skeleton Circus
2015 Gargoyles And Gorgons
2014 Dia De Los Muertos
2013 Witches
2012 Zombies
2011 The Grim Reaper
2010 Spiders
2009 Vampires Revisited
2008 Ghosts And Specters
2007 Witches' Pumpkin Patch
2006 Ghost Pirates
2005 Demons

Haunted Eve's Halloween Blog

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